Determining if you are an ideal candidate for a tattoo can be a significant decision. Before getting inked, it is important to consider a few key factors. First and foremost, it is crucial to assess your overall health and well-being. Any underlying medical conditions or skin issues may impact the healing process of a tattoo.

Additionally, it is essential to carefully consider the design and placement of the tattoo. Factors such as size, visibility, and potential future career implications should be taken into account. Tattoos are a permanent form of self-expression, so it is important to choose a design that holds personal significance and meaning.

Furthermore, it is important to research and choose a reputable tattoo artist and studio. Hygiene, safety, and artistic talent are all crucial factors to consider when selecting a tattoo artist. Visiting the studio in person, reviewing their portfolio, and asking for recommendations can help ensure a positive experience.

Ultimately, whether or not you are a good candidate for a tattoo is a personal decision. Taking the time to carefully consider all aspects of getting a tattoo can help ensure a positive and meaningful experience.

Tattoo services will not be permitted to anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent.

In addition, Mr Moss will not tattoo anyone noticeably under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or narcotics. If a client chooses to arrive at the appointment noticeable intoxicated or under the influence (regardless if said medication is for pain) – your appointment will be canceled and your deposit will be forfeited. An additional deposit may be required upon rescheduling your new appointment time and date.

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